Wednesday 29 December 2004

+0W 2D 写真 Photos


I am still in the hospital with Mummy. The doctor said I could go home yesterday morning, but Mummy has to stay here another day or two to get over her Caesarian. I expect you want to see some photos of me. I asked Daddy to upload some for us.


Anonymous said...

Oh he is soooooo cute. Congratulations and at long last you two happy parents. I am so glad for you. Is he smiling in Jason's arms?

You both must be so proud.



Anonymous said...

Chizu & Jason

Big congratulations to the two of you, Edo is looking forward to meeting your "little egg" in the New Year.

Take care, love
Edo & Tony>

Anonymous said...


Look at more photos!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tony and Edo

Thank you! Mini egg has arrived at last. He looks less 'monkey' now than he was a week ago.

I will bring him to office soon. Please have a look at the photos I've updated today.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both. Glad to hear everyone is fine.

I heard There is a very proud grand mother waiting over here. I bet she is packing already.>

Anonymous said...

Arata kun looks so cute!!! I love the photo where he's in Jason's arms.

I want one too!!>