Thursday 2 December 2004

37W 3D テンスマシーン TENS machine

先週末、インターネットで購入したテンス(TENS)マシーンが届いた。背中に張った4枚のパッドに軽い電流を通し、神経を麻痺させて痛みを緩和する器具で、陣痛が始まって分娩室に入るまでの初期の段階に使う。出産以外にも、運動後のマッサージとして使うテンスもあるが、出産専用のNeurotrac Labourという製品を40ポンド(8000円)程で
TeNS Medical Services Ltd


The TENS machine I ordered on the Internet arrived last weekend. TENS is a machine which emits weak current to disturb nerves from transfering pain signals to the brain and usually used in the early stage of the labour. TENS is a general product and also used for sports injuries or backaches but I got the one specially designed for child birth from
TeNS Medical Services Ltd
. It is called 'Neurotrac Labour' and costs about 40 pounds. I bought it brand new and I am going to sell it on eBay later. Rental is also available.

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