Monday 6 December 2004

38W 0D 産休一日目 The first day of maternity leave



38 weeks

The first day of maternity leave. Got up early to take the urine sample to the hospital in Whitechapel. When staying at home, I can not stop doing washings. I keep finding something needs washing.... Is this a sign of 'nesting'? In the afternoon, I spent 7 hours to watch Korean drama 'All in' that Kawano has lent to me.

This photo was taken on Saturday. My bump tends to be protruding forwards and lower compared to other pregnant women. From the front, it does not look so big but from side, it is certainly huge! Probably my baby needs to lie in acrobatic position because of the shape of my bump! A bit embarrassing to upload this photo but the baby may come out at any time from now, and we've decided to show off the bump for the last time!

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