Saturday 11 December 2004

38W 5D あー、不快 Really uncomfortable

もう、どうしようもなく下腹部が不快だ。夜、横向きに熟睡していても、途中で中の筋肉がつれて痛くて目が覚める。今日もカナリーワーフにJasonと買い物に行ったが、疲れてしょうがない。Krispy Kreameのドーナッツは忘れずに食べたけど。その上、腰痛を引き起こす重さに赤ちゃんがなったらしい。まあ後一週間ぐらいの我慢だけど、早く楽になりたい。軽快に動けないのが欲求不満の元。

It's so uncomfortable around the pelvis. Even when I am sleeping on my side, I am woken up by a pulling pain at night. We went to Canary Wharf but I got tired soon after. I didn't forget to have some doughnut at Krispy Kreame, though. The baby is getting heavier, which now causes a backache. Only about a week to go but I really want to feel better soon. It's really annoying that I can not move around freely.

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