Monday 13 December 2004

39W 0D クリスマスカード Christmas cards

All in




I'm quite lazy about writing Christmas cards and I sometimes totally give up sending them. Most of my friends live in Japan anyway and we don't exchange Christmas cards... is my main excuse. But this year, I've sent cards with a line, 'I'm expecting my first baby in December,' to surprise them.

Naomi rang me today. She was the second person who called in the last 1 week. As I did not write details about my recent whatsoever, the first question by them was exactly the same, 'What happened to you?' Of course, those who have been out of touch for more than 2 years don't even know about Jason. Anyway, the both of my friends told me that they rang me immediately after they had read the card. It's quite amusing. Because they are definitely my 'typical' friends who do not mind being out of touch for a while but still being good friends.

Today, after getting up around the noon, I did not go out at all. I was watching Korean DVD 'All in' and completed knitting the parts of baby blanket. I don't know how to put all the parts together, though. Do I need to sew them up? Well, I should wait till mum is coming. I will ask her to do it...

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