Tuesday 14 December 2004

39W 1D 助産婦定期健診 Check-up with a midwife

Present from Yoko




Present from Ayako and Kawano

I got up around the noon again. I went to see Kawano for lunch and then had a general check-up with a midwife.

Kawano has just been to Japan and she brought me back some presents from my friends for the baby birth. Yoko bought me a CD with children songs. Kawano and Ayako bought me a box to store dried cord. In Japan, traditionally, a part of the cord is kept in a paulownia box. I once asked my mum where I could buy a box. She told me that it is usually given by hospital. According to the ex-midwife friend Keiko, it's not the standard to give a box nowadays any more due to some higienic reason - the cord sometimes comes off in a nappy with poo etc. I gave up searching one. But Kawano and Ayako found a nice 'egg shaped' box as a present. It's quite a good taste! Cute!

At the check-up, everything is ok, althougu the baby is not engaged yet. The midwife said, 'You are now only waiting.' If the baby is not born after the due date, they will arrange an induction at around 2 weeks after the due.

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Antinatal Classが病院の都合で37-38週にまわされてしまい、ただ今re-allocationを交渉中ですが、どうなることやら。そこで、仮に早く生まれてきても大丈夫なようにいろいろ情報を集めています。