Wednesday 15 December 2004

39W 2D 出産前母乳育児ワークショップ Antenatal breastfeeding workshop

Baby car seat





ワークショップに出て迷いが消えた私は、積極的に母乳でいく気になり、その足でMarks & Spencersに行き授乳用ブラ購入。胸の部分に少し余裕を持たせたサイズを勧められたので36DDだ。



We've now got a baby car seat. Almost everything is ready for the new arrival. I went to Antenatal Breastfeeding workshop this afternoon.

Breastfeeding in public in the U.K. is not as socially accepted as it is in Japan. We don't see many women breastfeeding in public. In July, a woman breastfeeding in the National Gallery was asked to leave, which became big news. (National Gallery later apologised for that.) In Scotland, the Breastfeeding bill was just passed and from next year, it will be an offence for bars, restaurants or shopping centres to deliberately prevent children under two from being fed breast or bottled milk. It's started to be re-recognised the pros of breastfeeding recently, but the number of the mothers breastfeed may still be small.

The best I learnt today was if your baby latches on to the breast properly, not only just to nipple but much deeper, you won't have terribly sore nipples. Sit or lie down properly, hold the baby and position his nose opposite your nipple, wait till the baby opens his mouth really wide, then quickly move his head onto your breast first his chin touching the breast.

We got a couple of handouts. One of them is about expressing breastmilk and there is an interesting bit. To help breastmilk flow, 'have your baby close, or look at a photo or toy to remind you of your baby.' Isn't it similar to the things men do when they so donation to sperm bank???

After the workshop, I got so determined to breastfeed my baby. I went straight to Marks & Spencers to get nursing bras. It's 36DD because a slightly bigger cup size was recommended.

Other memo:

In the first 24 hours, breastfeed only 2 or 3 times. If the baby does not wake up for 6-8 hours, stimulate the baby by putting a finger around his mouth with some breastmilk. Breastmilk is very digestive and need to be fed more often than formula milk. Recommended to keep breastfeed at least for 6 months. Avoid using bottles or dummies while the baby is learning to breastfeed as it will confuse the baby. Some women have reflection to the baby's cry and start to flow milk! The baby being breastfed has stable blood sugar level and studies show less risk to be diabetes in the later life, less eczema. Mothers breastfeeding babies have less risk of breast/ovarian cancers and have stronger bones in the later life.

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