Thursday 16 December 2004

39W 3D フィジオセラピー出産前クラス Physiotherapist antenatal class





実際の分娩時の姿勢について。非常に論理的で、1. 重力を利用し、2. 仙骨(尾骨の上の骨)を後ろに引き、3. 子宮から出口まで真っ直ぐな出産路を確保する、ということに尽きるらしい。





Apart from doughnuts and Twiglets, I have a craving for Mamemochi, rice cracker with soya bean, as titbit. The package Kawano got from Japan disappeared in just only half an hour. Even this photo makes my mouth water!

Went to an Antenatal class run by a physiotherapist. We discussed about labour positions, TENS and massage.

Fetal positioning:

The best baby's position when we are in labour is head down and baby facing to the back. To get this positioning, we should pay attentions to our postures in every day life from about 34 weeks. When lying down, lie down on the side, preferably on the left. When sitting, try to position our hips higher than the knees. When standing or sitting, upright and slightly lean forwards. I've known this already but never put this into practice. Probably too late for me now.

Labour positioning:

Very simple and logical. 1, Use gravity 2. Sacrum moving backwards 3. Straight birth canal

During the first stage:

If possible, stay on feet, leaning forward and rocking hips side to side/up and down with each contraction and keep the bottoms wiggling during contractions. Sitting or standing against something (wall, back of a chair or your partner!) and hang on to it with arms and let your body sag. Stay as upright and forward as possible.

During the second stage:

Kneel on the floor knees apart and leaning over a beanbag etc. Or squat while your partner is holding you. When resting between contractions, lie on your side. If you are using Epidural at this stage, you can only take this lying position. Midwife or your partner helps you to hold up leg etc. Most probably, Jason will have to be involved to the labour actively by holding up my leg etc because I'm planning to use Epidural! By the way, the labour scenes in TV drama don't seem to be either logical or realistic because pregnant women always lie down on the back.


TENS prevents pain signal from travelling to the brain and stimulates to release the natural pain killer Endorphins. Better test the machine after 38 weeks. The use of TENS may induce labour and not recommended to test before. Well, for us, Jason tried it when the machine arrived and it should be enough!

Massage during labour:

Stroking, kneading and pressuring. Theses techniques have the same effects as TENS machine, releasing Endorphins. Hope Jason will give me massages!

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