Wednesday 22 December 2004

40W 2D 出産前クリニック Antenatal Clinic





Antenatal clinic. Doctor made an induction appointment for me on 27/12/04. Induction is usually arranged at about 2 weeks after the due date, as after 42 weeks, the placenta starts to deteriorate and risk of baby dying in the womb unexpectedly increases. But in my case, because doctors do not know the cause of my kidney problem, they decided to set it up only a week after the due to be on the safe side. When waters break, induction is often introduced as well, and all together induction rate is about 20%.

If he hasn't been born on the 27th, I'll need to admit to the Antenatal Ward, the one I stayed for 2 nights before, from early morning. Gel containing 'prostaglandin' is inserted into the vagina to soften and ripen the cervix. This substance stimulates the uterine contractions. If it does not work, stronger drug called Oxytocin is given through a drip in the labour ward. Both methods have a risk of the uterus to contract too much or chance of caesarian after baby's conditions deteriorate increases. 1.5 times more likely to need a forceps or ventouse delivery and 1.8 times more to need a caesarean. In addition, Oxytocin might have small risk of uterus rupture. It's scary. I need to think again if I will really go for the induction.

The doctor anyway performed a 'membrane sweep'. Membrane seep involves a doctor or midwife placing a finger just inside the cervix and making a circular, seeping movement to separate the membrane from the cervix. This method releases some sort of hormone which kicks the labour, which may starts within 24 to 48 hours. It's more effective if the cervix is already soften, but in my case, it wasn't soft enough and the doctor could only put the tip of a finger in. Anyway, after coming home, I found some spotting of blood. It's normal after membrane sweep but I was quite shocked to see blood stain after 'no periods' for so long! I hope doctor's try will stimulate labour and the baby will come out before the planned induction.

It's commonly known that labour starts later than the due for the first pregnancy. When my mum had me, I was 5 days late and my younger brother stayed inside 10 days longer. Jason was also induced. Baby overdue is running in both families? If anything to do with genes, my mum's words, 'Labour itself was always very easy for me.' is the saving grace!

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