Thursday 23 December 2004

40W 3D あかちゃんのしゃっくり Baby's hiccups

River Thames 23/12/04



The weather is marvellous this morning! We went to a Korean restaurant to eat 'hot' food, hopefully, to stimulate contractions. We ordered only hot dishes, like Kimchi chige. Well, it had a good effect on Jason, who is not as used to chilli as I am.... I also woke up with a slight pain inside of my big bump this morning. It was a kind of pain I've never experienced. After sleeping again, the pain subsided but Kimuchi chige or doctor's membrane sweep attempt might have worked? I hope labour will start soon.

Our baby is moving active. Jason can even hear his heart beat when putting his ear to the bump. Our baby has often made constant movements for a couple of minutes since I was about 22 weeks. I've been worried about it but found that it is the foetal hiccups! For example, when babies swallow waters and something is stuck in their throat, they start hiccups to get rid of it. What's more, if the mother eat something sweet, the waters also become a bit sweet, and babies start to drink more waters, which often causes hiccups. Very interesting!

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