Friday 24 December 2004

40W 4D 手作りスリング Hand made baby sling

Baby sling





Thought labour would start yesterday. But false alart! It's just gone back to normal. No sign at all. Kubota kun, whose wife is a midwife, advised me to go for a walk. I should do it today. But a bit chilly outside....

I have been woken up by hunger during night in the last 2 weeks. I get up, have some cereal and go to bed again. It seems that energy from dinner can not last till the following morning now. I also can't sleep very well at night. After dawn, when outside is getting brighter, I can sleep ok. Is this due to some kind of anxiety?

Jason's mum also pointed out but I quite believe that the baby has inherited the procrastination gene. I am very good at starting everything at the last minute, like exam preparations, and am also 'good at' coming to work or school late! Well, my getting pregnant is also much later than most of my friends.

After 3 weeks staying at home, I've really started to feel bored. I made a baby sling without a sewing machine yesterday. Honestly, nothing else to do now. I'm thinking about studying French or Accounting now??

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