Saturday 25 December 2004

40W 5D メリークリスマス Merry Christmas!

Xmas 2004
Xmas 2004





Xmas 2004


Xmas 2004

It's Christmas day! Weather was so good this morning. After breakfast, we opened Christmas presents. Those for the baby have been left unwrapped.

I really don't want to go for induction on Monday. Shall I cancel the appointment? Well, if the baby comes out before, it'll be the best. We decided to go for a long walk. In fact, we were going to go for a walk yesterday. In our first attempt, we came home after 5 minutes because a nasty pigeon dropped a bomb right on my head. In the evening, we tried again, but we realised it was too freezing to continue just about 100 meters later. Bad luck and weak will. This morning, we could manage to complete our mission. We walked to

the newly opened Marriott hotel in Canary Wharf

in about 40 minutes, had some tea and came back.

Jason is now preparing Christmas dinner.... smells nice!

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