Sunday 26 December 2004

40W 6D ボクシングデー Boxing day

Dawn on Boxing day





41 weeks

Boxing day. Jason didn't want the baby to be born on Christmas day, because it'd be pity if he only got one present for his birthday and Christmas. We think today is not too bad, but probably time is running out.

Plenty of raspberry leaf tea and walking didn't work. I thought it had worked when I had a stomachache early in the morning. But it was another false alert. I woke up twice last night, at 4 and 7.30, because I felt sick from hunger. I had lots of sweet before going to bed and still got hungry so quick! I've started to feel 'I've had enough!' I'm not that patient. Shall I go ahead with the induction appointment tomorrow and will end this ordeal? I've never thought I would be looking forward to contractions so much!

It was white Christmas in some of the regions in the U.K. yesterday. In London, it was another winter day. Today, it's been much colder but the sky has been much clearer. When I woke up at 7.30 this morning, just before the sun rose, the river Thames was so calm and the sky was beautiful. We went for a walk around noon to Tower Bridge. It was again about 40 minutes walk one way. Had some coffee there and came back.

By the way, the spices in Indian curry help to empty bowels, which stimulates contractions. Well, contractions tend to start when the bowels are empty? We'll probably go to eat Indian curry this eve.

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