Wednesday 19 January 2005

+3W 2D 外出 Taking Arata out





In Japan, mothers don't usually take their new born babies out at least in the first month. Some mothers wait as long as 2 months, to avoid babies from getting virus or bacteria.

At the antenatal class, we were taught that babies have antibodies from their mums and it keeps babies away from getting ill for about 6 months from birth. When midwives or doctors are asked a question when we can take our baby out first time, the answer is always 'When mother feels ready.' I've heard that some mums here take their newborn to a pub to introduce to their friends soon after they are born. Arata's first day out was also quite early. He was out with us to buy his buggy when he was 10 days old. We then took him out for a couple of times to shopping. Usually it was about 2 or 3 hours and he was always fast asleep. But when we went to a Chinese restaurant this evening, I breastfed him in the ladies! It's was my first experience of breastfeeding him outside! I've been getting used to taking him out. My mum feels it's too early and she always seems to be quite anxious....

Well, but, my Japanese friends in Japan or here have told me that babies don't have antibodies to the flu or there are loads of germs out especially in winter, I've also become a bit cautious. The first words I ask Jason as soon as he comes home are 'Wash your hands!'

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