Saturday 29 January 2005

+4W 5D はなくそっ Snot?

Being fed and happy



I've been annoyed by Arata's snot for a week. The one in the left came off easily but the right one has been quite persistent! He breathes as if he has a blocked nose. And I've been convinced that it's because of the snot! I tried to get it out with a piece of tissue or a cotton bud or my little finger... but in vain. I even tried with tweezers or bamboo ear cleaning picker; behind mum's back because mum would have told me off saying it's dangerous if she'd seen it. Nothing has worked. It's totally ok to leave it, but every morning, when I hold and look at Arata in the sunny living room, I can't avoid seeing the snot.

I looked into his nose as usual yesterday morning. Oh my god! It was gone! Well done, Arata! He must have sneezed it out. Now, the sticky snot must be stuck somewhere in our flat and his breathing hasn't improved, though...

Arata is so happy after being fed in this photo!

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