Saturday 29 January 2005

+4W 6D オリエンタル仕様? Oriental mode?

Eye lashes



Arata has big hands, mouth and ears. He also has long eye lashes! It's definitely from Jason. I really envy him. I wonder if you can see it from a photo, but I took one in zoom mode!

Babies born by Caesarian are said to have bigger head. Usually, when babies get through the narrow canal of their mother in the final stage of labour, skull is a bit tightened. I think caesarian babies are discriminated for the easier start, they didn't experience the hardest part of the being born! Despite of that, Arata's head is quite big. Monika, Nick and Gorolana's daughter, is 5 weeks older than Arana and she is heavier and longer than Arata, but Arata has a bigger head! Does this prove the Caesarian born babys' head size myth? Or Arata's body proportion follows Oriental specification? Hope he has lots of brain in it!


Anonymous said...

Dear Chiko

Arata kun looks so cute!! I can't wait to meet him.

By the way, I have also met a great guy recently... *dokidoki* ;)

Unfortunately I won't be able to come to the ofukai on Friday, as I will be in France visiting a friend, but hope to catch up soon!

Give a big kiss to Arata kun and say hi to Jason!


Anonymous said...