Friday 4 February 2005

+5W 4D 光 Light





New born babies seem to react to light. When Arata is held upright or on my shoulder after being fed to settle milk, he can look the river Thames out of the window. Being excited by the sight, he always looks outside eagerly opening his mouth! The photo was taken when he was looking outside while sitting on his mum's lap.

We went to Heathrow Airport to see off my mum. There are plenty of different lights at the airport. Arata was so excited and looking around from his buggy. He often giggled apparently from joy! He could not go to sleep very well at night from the excitement at the airport, though.

My mum rang me next morning and told me that she could not sleep at all on the plane. Because she had already started to miss Arata and felt a bit sentimental...

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