Wednesday 9 February 2005

+6W 2D さるのラトル Monkey rattle




New born babies turn towards light. I think it's the same principle that Arata likes a black and white monkey rattle. This monkey is well known brand made and my friend Mitsuyo sent it from Japan. Arata usually talks to the monkey for a while and starts to get angry for some reason. Then he ends up crying. Still, this monkey is Arata's most favourite friend.

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Anonymous said...

According to research, newborn babies are drawn to bold geometric figures in black and white and show a preference for circles, particularly if these have features resembling a face.

I wonder if Arata is getting angry because there is no response from the monkey rattle? His ability to differentiate between animate and inanimate objects is virtually nil at this age, in fact he is barely able yet to distinguish himself as separate from his environment and those around him. All of this occurs as a gradual process over the first two years. What he is beginning to learn is that when he interacts with his parents, they respond and he obviously enjoys and maybe is coming to expect that response.

You noticed that Arata is tracking you now, but there will be a limit to how far he can do this. As soon as you move out of his field of vision he is likely to stop and will not yet search for where you have disappeared to. This comes with the development of "object permanence" at about 8 or 9 months, when he will actively search for toys that he drops or that have been hidden in a game. Peek-a-boo games when dressing or in play, from about 6 months of age (or even earlier if he enjoys this, eg, hiding behind a blanket or cushion then reappearing) will help him to develop this ability.>