Friday 11 February 2005

+6W 4D まだ妊娠5ヶ月? Still 5 months pregnant?




Honestly, I was quite shocked to find THE bump still here just after giving birth. It looked as if another baby would come out. It was like that for a while, about 5 months pregnant, and I could not wear any clothes other than maternity ones. I've heard that careless men often say, 'Still waiting?' to the woman who has just delivered a baby, and I now understand how difficult to tell! I weighed myself and double-shocked to know that only 4 kg, Arata + placenta, was less.... I gained 10 kg during the 9 months! Where are the 7 Kg? I, of course, could not put on the after birth support underwear I was supposed to start just after the birth. I's size LL... After 6 weeks, my weight has started to go down, but I have still no clothes to squeeze in and bought a bigger size of pair of jeans..... dangerous....

Arata is following Winnie the Pooh mobile with big big eyes open.

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