Monday 14 February 2005

+7W 0D 母乳搾乳 Expressing breastmilk



出産前に行った母乳授乳ワークショップで勧められたメデラの「ミニ電動搾乳器(AC アダプター付)」を愛用している。搾乳した母乳は冷蔵庫で一日ぐらい、冷凍しておけば半年ぐらいの賞味期限。母乳は寄付することも可能。さて、搾乳器からシューシュー絞られるミルク、仕組みは牛乳絞りと同じだ。私はまるで牛になった気分。

My breasts have swollen recently. I also have a sore nipple. It's always my left breast which causes problem and I often end up feeding my left more often. It's because the left breast is much bigger and has more milk, which makes me uncomfortable. But keeping the left only causes the right get full and swollen.... Vicious circle.... I don't know it's because Arata doesn't wake up during night as much as before. Breastmilk leak more than before and I wake up in the morning feeling the front side of my top pyjama very wet. To avoid mastisis, I've tried warming the breasts first, to make the milk flow better, and express it. This morning, I had 130 ml!

I am using
The Single Deluxe Breastpump
This is recommended at the antenatal breastfeeding workshop and it works very well. We can keep the expressed milk for about a day in the fridge and for 6 months if you freeze it. We can donate the milk. (?) The rythm and flow of milk coming out from the breasts exactly same as the one with cows! I feel as if I turned a cow.....

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