Tuesday 15 February 2005

+7W 1D よだれかけ Bibs




I went to a breastfeeding group yesterday. I asked for advice on my breast problem and the midwife told me to express remaining milk after each feeding. The white spot on the top of my nipple may be a sign of blocked duct. Anyway, after my 'intense' expressing of 130 ml yesterday morning seems to work. The lumps on my breast have disappeared and it isn't swollen and sore any more.

Arata has started to use bibs to catch leaking milk from his mouth while feeding. We bought about 10 of them having forgotten that we had already quite a few at home. We now have loads of bibs and difficult to choose from so many! The one Nayumi sent for me from Japan has a duck on it. When you push the duck head, it makes a cute sound.

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