Friday 25 February 2005

+8W 4D キャベツの葉 Cabbage leaves




Arata has only woken up once or twice during night recently. It's a good sign. But my breasts still become too full and get sore in the early morning. The weight of the full breasts push the breast themselves, which is so painful. A health visitor advised me not to express milk as more milk will be produced by doing that. Ok, I listened to her and was expressing only a little bit. I've started to wake Arata up, if he is about to make some noises, and let him express some milk. I wish I would be able to sleep without any distraction!

When breasts are swollen, put a piece of cabbage leaf between bra and breast, lots of sites and books say. I've tried once. I used Chinese cabbage instead. I think Chinese cabbage is much better because the leaves are thicker and keep breasts cool longer.

In public, I've started to breastfeed without much hesitation. My friends with 1 or 2 years old babies all agree that it is not that embarrassing and I've started to feel more confortable. But compared to them, I'm still an 'entry level' breastfeeder. They often feed their babies while we are chatting without even being noticed. I still expose much much more! Hope I will be able to do it like them soon!

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