Wednesday 16 March 2005

+11W 3D 日本の母乳パッド Japanese made breast pads

今日は、午後、かおりさんとWappingにあるカフェ、Turks Headへ行った。元パブを改装してカフェにしたらしいが、外から見たらどう見てもパブ。今まで何回か前を通ったが、カフェとは知らなかった。ソファがあってそんなに混んでいないから、ママさんたちの集まりにはもってこい。ベイビーチェンジングベッドもある。それにしても今日は暑くて、18度ぐらいになった。


We went to a cafe, Turks Head, in Wapping. It's used to be a pub and if you look at it from outside, it is still a pub!! I didn't know it was a cafe even if I'd walked past many times before. There are some sofa and a baby changing mat in the ladies. It's not so busy and suitable for mums' gathering. It was quite hot today, about 18C in the afternoon.

Just before Arata starts to cry, he pushes the edges of his mouth down. Even when I look at this sort of his expression, breastmilk starts to flow! I've discovered that Japanese made breast pads are really good. They are ultra thin, seal milk in gel, waterproof material, non-itchy, with 2 tapes and packed individually. What's more, they are much cheaper. I ordered quite a lot of them on the internet in Japan. I wonder if we can sell them on eBay?

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