Monday 21 March 2005

+12W 0D 両手を合わせて Putting hands together



Went to the second 5 plus 1 immunisation. Arata weighed 5.9 Kg. There was some pus coming from the place BCG injection was shot and we were a bit worried about it. A health visitor told me that it's quite normal. Usually between 4 to 6 weeks after the jab, babies experience some pus coming out, which is actually a sign of the vaccination working.

Arata has started to hold hands in front of him since a couple of days ago. He's eventually found his right hand with the left! When he is playing at the play gym, he often tries to push the toys up, not only punching them hard. It's really interesting to see these. Baby development is so fast and impressive. In this photo, Arata is holding his hands.

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