Wednesday 23 March 2005

+12W 2D 怪しい奴 Suspicious look

今日はCanary Wharfにベイビーマッサージでお友達になった、韓国人のSunと彼女の赤ちゃんテオくん、そしてあずささんとアメリちゃんで行った。天気がよかったのであずささん親子とテムズ川沿いを散歩しながら行ったが、いや~暑かった~。青いサングラスをかけた怪しい私を、プラムの中からパンチでも食らわせてやろうかと怪訝そうに見つめるアラタ。ちょっとかわいくて、写真を撮りました。

We went to Canary Wharf with Sun, a Korean friend who I met at the baby massage group, her son Theo, Azusa and Ameli. Azusa, Ameli and we walked along the river Thames to Canary Wharf because the weather was perfect! As I was wearing blue sunglasses, Arata was staring at me with a suspicious look with his hands ready to punch me, from his pram. Well, it was so cute and I took a photo of him!

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