Monday 11 April 2005

+15W 0D 鼻水取り器 Runny nose vacuum



Arata's cold. He is still a bit feverish and sometimes blocked nose seems to be terrible. He does not feed as much milk as usual. But when he is awake, he is playing happily and we don't worry much. The running nose vacuum kits I bought from a Japanese internet site are very good help. I bought 2 different types of vacuums. One is syringe type. We can find the similar ones in England. This is a bit difficult to use because the top that is to put into baby's nose is narrow and it may get deep inside by mistake. The other one with 2 tubes works better. Put one tube with round shaped end to baby's nose, the round shape prevents it get deeper, and suck in air putting the other tube to our mouth. We have much control over the air pressure and baby's sudden movements.

We went to the baby clinic. Arata weighed 6.25Kg. His weight gain curve has quite slowed down. Probably cold is one of the reasons. A health visitor advised me to give Arata half a spoonful Calpol if he is too feverish to sleep etc. Arata's cheeks and around the mouth has been a bit dry with some rashes because he produces more saliva now. She told me to apply Vaseline, which is ok if baby licks. Having lot of saliva is a sign of teething. We can also start giving him a bit of dilated fruit juice or water if we want.

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Anonymous said...


Why don't you buy Olbas oil for babies and put a few drops on his pillow and he won't get stuffed nose. I recommend it because I have used it myself.

Poor Arata - it is no joke when a baby gets cold.

Hope your house hunting goes well.

It is always a joy to read website.

Take care and hope to see you one day or perhaps when you move nearer to my place.

Good luck>