Saturday 16 April 2005

+15W 5D 便秘? Constipation?

ここ3日ほど便秘していたアラタ。今日は大きいぷーを2回した。フォーミュラは食物なので、フォーミュラで育てられている赤ちゃんの便秘は珍しいことではないらしい。それでも、一週間ぐらいの便秘は心配することないそうだ。アラタは生後2ヶ月ぐらいまではとにかく超快便で、1日3回ぐらいウンチをしていた。最近は朝に大きいのを1回するというパターンになっていた。だから3日も出ないなんて本当に生まれて始めての事だったのでちょっと心配してしまった。最近は1回が大量で、漏れたりもするので、外出時にやられたくないなあとひやひやしていて、お風呂でリラックスしてやられたらと、お風呂当番をJasonに押し付けようとしていた私だ。今日は天気もよく、Jason、JasonママとLodon BridgeのBoroughマーケットに行ったアラタだが、相変わらず散歩中はずっと寝ていたそうだ。私はTurks Headのランチから参加。しばし、自分の時間を楽しんだ。

Arata didn't poo for 3 days. He has done 2 big ones today. Babies brought up with formula milk are more prone to get constipation as formula is a type of 'food'. Still, a week constipation is nothing to worry. Arata's digesting system has been working very well and he did poo at least 3 times a day in the first 2 months. He has started to poo once a day in the morning since. So I was feeling really odd that he hadn't pooed for 3 days. The amount of poo is bigger now and sometimes it even leaks from his nappy. In the last few days, I was too much worried when he was going to poo and even I tried to force Jason to give Arata a bath as I thought he may poo when he was relaxed in the bath. Today the weather was nice. Arata went to the Borough market at London Bridge with Jason and Jason's mum. As usual, he was sleeping all the way. I enjoyed a precious little time for myself at home first, and only joined them from lunch at Turks Head.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Chiko! What a lovely photo this is! Arata has a wonderful smile.

I hope you have a nice time in the Lake District. Are you going to next month's Ofu?

Rea :)>