Monday 18 April 2005

+16W 0D ノーズドロップ Saline Nose Drop


Arata still has some cough and runny nose and I decided to cancel the immunisation jab today. He weighed 6.44Kg. Not bad. He's woken up every 2 hours during night in the last couple of days. A health visitor said it's probably because he doesn't feel like feeding lots at one time as he has a cold, which end up getting him hungry often. If he wakes up from teething, the cry may be different, according to her. Teething baby cries sharp but soon goes back to sleep. I bought a Saline Nose Drop, which eases blocked nose and causes sneeze. Give one drop 30 minutes before feeding to clear the nose. The health visitor also suggested giving Arata cooled down boiled water in between 2 feeds. This will help him to feed more properly in the second feed. This photo is Arata with Kiwi Nana.

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