Saturday 7 May 2005

+18W 5D ワピングからウォーキング From Wapping to Woking




Arata will soon sit up without support. He's started to sit up leaning the boppy recently.

Jason took a day off yesterday and we went to flat hunting. We first went to Isleworth. Isleworth is close to Richmond and have more modern flats for less rent. We found a nice one but after viewing a couple of flats in Woking, we will probably choose one in there.

Woking is very far from the central London. I've hardly heard of the name nor been there. It's outside of M25 and not within the 'greater London'. 55km from the city, direct distance is about 40Km, Wapping is only 3 Km from the city, by the way. Of course, it will be much much easier for Jason to commute and I will give in while I am on maternity leave. Once I go back to work, we will need to move again to a closer location or Jason will have to drop off and pick up Arata from nursery. The BR train services to Working from Waterloo are quite good, though. It takes only 30 minutes and very frequent.

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