Thursday 12 May 2005

+19W 4D オフィス訪問 Visited work



Went to office to show Arata to my colleagues. It was nice seeing them again after half a year. The photo is Arata and Kumari. Kumari must like babies a lot because her smile was so beautiful when she was holding Arata. Kumari and Ed gave Arata nice presents, but, unfortunately, Ed was not at work.... I wanted her to meet Arata most! Jason's mum came to take Arata home. Jason and I went for a pint with them after.

As I am breastfeeding, I only had 1.5 pints of shandy in total. This means less than a pint of lager. But I've had a migraine since. It's been 3 days from the onset but I still have a terrible pain. This morning, it worsened. I went to the dentist but as soon as I arrived there, I dashed into the toilet to throw up. (I feel sick when I have a migraine.) I decided to come home by taxi. I thrown up again in the taxi!!! Luckily, I had a couple of nappy sacks! I was going to go to facial to show Arata to Yana, but had to cancel the appointment. I kept repeating vomiting, sleeping and eating, as usual. It's really terrible that I can not take tablets...

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