Sunday 22 May 2005

+20W 6D 引っ越しちゃうんだってね You are moving out of Wapping?

久しぶりにTurks Headへ行った。日曜日の午前中に行くなんて初めてのことだったので、ほとんど空席がないのにびっくり。私達をみつけると、アラタをかわいがってくれているウエイトレスのシルバンが飛んできて、「引っ越しちゃうんだってね。さびしくなるね。」なんてWappingは狭い!前に彼女とアラタで撮った写真をプレゼントするととても喜んでくれて、カフェラテと、ケーキまでサービスしてくれた。


Went to the Turks Head for breakfast. It was the first time to see the place so full. Well, we'd never been there on Sunday morning. When we got in, Şirvan, the waitress and a good friend of Arata, came to us and said, 'I've heard you are moving out of Wapping. I will miss you...' Wow! How small Wapping is! I gave her a photo of her holding Arata which I took about a month ago. She was so happy and treated us with cafe latte and cakes. Thank you, Sirvan!

In the afternoon, we invited Azusa's and Sun's families for lunch. We had 3 babies whose birthdays are within a month. It's so nice to see how similar and different they are. By the way, Theo, your hair is standing up even in this photo!


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