Saturday 4 June 2005

+22W 5D 乳歯と早寝早起き Milk tooth




Arata's first milk tooth is going to come out soon. When I put my finger and let him bite, I can definitely feel a lower left tooth coming out. There are some babies who cry a lot from teething but Arata seems to be ok.

Arata usually goes to sleep after having a bath at around 7 o'clock. (He has also started to splash water with his hands and feet in the bath!) When we put him in cot and turn on the music box attached to the soft toy bee, which is a present from Kumari, after bathing and feeding, he just falls asleep. I only need to feed him just before we go to bed and in early morning. Arata wakes up much earlier than us. While we are still sleeping, he is talking to himself or singing on his own. Because he keeps talking (singing?), we are waken up and have to get up. When we say 'Good morning, Arata', he gives us his best smile every morning!

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