Thursday 9 June 2005

+23W 3D 腰痛 Backache


Maybury Centreのベイビークリニックに行った。体重は先週とほとんどかわらず7.3kg。ヘルスビジターさんとも相談したが、今週末、6ヶ月に2週間満たないけど、フライングして離乳食を始めようと思う。というのも、私たちが何か食べている時のアラタはちょっと異様。じーっと瞬きもせず見ていたかと思えば、何か食べさせてくれると思ってよだれを垂らして興奮する。上げないのが可愛そうになってきてしまった。実は、りんご、プラム、イチゴはなめさせたことがある。だから期待をしてしまうのだろう。きのう、イチゴを食べていたらとてもほしそうにしていたので、ちょっとなめさせてみたら、すごい力で両手でつかんでちゅうちゅう吸っていた。(きょうのアラタのウンチに小さい塊を発見したので、気になって分解!してみたらイチゴだった。いつの間にか少し食べちゃってたようだ。)私たちがそろって食事する時は、ハイチェアに座らせてスプーンを持たせる。そうすると、一生懸命口に入れている。準備万端。ベイビーライスを一箱買ったけど、一番初めだけはおかゆを作ろうと思う。ところで、アラタはまだ日中5,6回授乳が必要だが、これは特に問題ないとのこと。


Went to the baby clinic at Maybury Centre. Arata weighed 7.3Kg. After talking to a health visitor, I've really decided to go ahead with weaning this weekend. Well, I've started to feel so cruel not to give him food when we are eating. He really stares at us dribbling and often gets excited from anticipation that we will probably give him some food. I have already let him lick a piece of apple, plum and strawberry so he surely expects me to give him something each time I am eating. When I was eating strawberries yesterday, I just touched his lips with a small piece of strawberry. He grabbed my hands with very strong grip and started to suck it. (He must have swallowed a bit of strawberry as I found a piece in his nappy today!!) When Jason and I are eating at table, we sit Arata in a high chair and give him a spoon. He enjoys holding it. He is ready!! I bought a box of baby rice but I will prepare rice porridge for his first meal.

I have a backache again. It's the 3rd in the last month. My backache used to go only after a day but not any more. It lasts for at least 3 days. I went to a Chinese Shiatsu & acupuncture clinic today. I tried Shiatsu this time, but Arata started to cry in the middle of the session and I had to hold him on the massage bed while I was lying down on it. It made my other muscles ache!!

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