Saturday 18 June 2005

+24W 5D 離乳食2週目 2nd week of weaning




It's Arata's Japanese grandfather's 70th birthday. Happy birth day, granddad!

It was hot again. Arata's rash hasn't improved. I have a feeling that it's not a reaction to soap but more likely heat rash. We bathed him in the baby bath with lukewarm water this afternoon and dressed him in Japanese Jimbei, a kimono like traditional summer clothes which allows plenty of air between clothes and body. We then went to BBQ at Reiko's. But by the time, it was too hot for Arata to be even in Jimbei and he was just in bodysuit for such an occasion, to meet lots of people!

It's the 2nd week of his weaning. I must admit that I haven't been following a proper plan. But I've decided to follow a Japanese baby magazine. According to it, [Rice etc] 1 teaspoon on the first day and increase amount upto 3 teaspoons till the 7th day, then to 5 to 6 tsp till the end of the 2nd week [Veg] starts from 6th day with 1 tsp and increase 1 tsp every week [Protein] starts from 11th day with 1 tsp and increase 1 tsp every week. Well, we've started already and we could now only adjust a little bit to this theory. I cooked 1 rice with 10 water porridge again and froze it. Arata ate 2 tsp of rice porridge and 1 tsp of boiled and ground carrot.

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