Monday 20 June 2005

+25W 0D 危険な日課 Dangerous routine





It wasn't as bad as yesterday (the highest temperature yesterday was 32C), but it was still hot today (27C). In the morning, Junko came to see us. I got to know her through Christpher's mum, who runs the toddler class 'Little Monkeys'. Junko has 5 year old twin boys. In the afternoon, we did everyday routine: walking to the shopping centre, looking around and having Latte Frappe at Esquire. Living close to a shopping centre is dangerous. I spend at least a couple of pounds every day! When I was in Wapping, I didn't spend much because there was nowhere to go except for a couple of cafes, even no supermarkets nearby! By the way, when we were sitting at the Esquire, a couple sitting next to us noticed Arata was in Jimbei and said, 'Nice suit!' We had a chat for a while.

Arata had 2 naps 'unusually', 2 hours around the noon and half an hour in the late afternoon. I made a temporary nursery in the middle of the sitting room as it's too hot to sit on carpet. Putting 2 straw mats, beach towel size, side by side and cover them with a bedsheet. Arata plays and has naps in it. It must be cooler and more comfortable.

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