Wednesday 22 June 2005

+25W 2D 人見知りが始まった Arata starts to be shy



Nishiyama san arrived in London. He brought the light weight buggy, 'Combi Well Kids', for us and we went to Heathrow airport to get it yesterday. I then went to Olivo to have dinner with him later. He came to Woking in the evening today. We went to a tapas bar for dinner and came back to our flat to sit on our balcony over Pimms. Arata has started to be shy when someone talks to him or tries to amuse him, except for his parents of course, since 2 weeks ago. At the same time, he started to look for toys he releases from his hands. They are the signs of recognizing objects. Strangely enough, Arata had no problem with Nishiyama san. Arata didn't cry at all for a change!

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