Thursday 23 June 2005

+25W 3D お座り Sitting up




Arata has started to sit up without support since a week ago. He still often falls backwards, I put a cushion behind him but it is not necessary to surround him with cushions any longer.

We went out with the new buggy. It's very light, small and like a toy. The handle height is a bit too low for me and as it is not designed to drag up and down stairs or to park on public transport with baby sitting in, it's a little bit inconvenient for me. Of course, it's really light and easy to lift up with Arata in. But I didn't expect to take him off whenever we are on buses or trains. I'm sure in Japan, we have to collapse buggies on public transportation but we don't do that here. As most of the mums had told me before, buggies designed for use in the U.K. must have been the best choice.....


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