Friday 24 June 2005

+25W 4D ママと遊ぶ Playing with mum





It's been 2 weeks since we started weaning Arata. He had 3 tsp of rice porridge and 1 tsp of carrot today. And he had slightly thicker poo for the first time. His body system is surely growing!

Arata has started to feel nervous when he can not see anybody around him. When I go to the kitchen, knowing he is happy playing on his own, he starts to cry, or rather scream, soon after. It's also true that playing with us has become very important to him. I often check e-mail sitting in front of Arata facing towards the PC on the floor. Arata sometimes swings his body forward, towards me, so I look at him. It must be amusing for him. He starts to laugh. I then face to him suddenly or look at him in the corner of my eye. He gets more excited!

Arata often stares at me. When I realise it and smile at him, he smiles back to me very shyly! Well, I now know how adorable babies are!

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