Monday 11 July 2005

+28W 1D カルポル Calpol



We went to Wapping for Baby Yoga. It's been 2 weeks since we went to London last time. We saw lots more police at main stations, Waterloo and London Bridge. We left earlier and went to Goga's for lunch. Monika looks much much bigger now. She eats solids very well. Surely Goga's cooking is really good!!! I was carrying Arata's lunch (rice porridge, carrot and BF) in a chilly bag with ice packs. He refused to eat at lunch and I had to stop and sit down in a church yard near London Bridge station on our way back to Woking. This time, he finished all the food. Arata didn't go to bed till 10 PM! He kept crying and grizzling all evening. I don't know if it was because he saw lots of people today or Yoko is staying with us or it was simply too hot. Anyway, we gave him 2.5 ML Calpol to calm him down in the end...

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