Thursday 14 July 2005

+28W 3D 手をたたこう Clap! Clap!




Arata has been trying to clap his hands in the last week. And yesterday, I saw he really clapped his hands with some noise! Since then, whenever I play or sing nursery rhymes with clapping hands movements, he follows me and claps his hands. (A couple of seconds behind!)

It's been hot, again. I keep saying 'Too hot!' But for Yoko, it's not bad. 'Unlike in Japan, it's not humid. You don't feel comfortable even under shade in Japan,' Yoko said. Yes, that's right. I can't have my favourite Latte Frappe under the big umbrella outside of a cafe otherwise. Today, I had again a glass of Frappe after shopping. Late afternoon at a cafe is the most relaxing moment for me and Arata. We always sit face to face and talk to each other!

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