Wednesday 10 August 2005

+32W 2D プール+初寝返り Swimming pool + rolling over


コーヒーモーニングで会うお母さんたちと、 Woking Park にある
'Pool in the Park'


We went to the swimming pool in Woking Park,
'Pool in the Park'
, with the mums & babies we met from the coffee morning. The Leisure Lagoon is entertaining swimming pools with full of fun! Arata was floating in a baby float for a while and challenged the river rapids ride! He really liked all of them. He thrown up a bit later probably because he drank quite a lot of water.

Another mile stone. At last, Arata clearly rolled over. It happened when I was trying to let him have a morning nap in our bed. He was grizzling and moving around for a while. Then just rolled over! He has started to move while lying down on his back and I'm a bit worried that he may fall from our bed one day....


Anonymous said...

いいなぁ、プール楽しそう! あらたんは赤ちゃん用の使い捨てオムツ水着みたいのをつけたの?公共プールではそういうのを使うのかな?それとも普通の水着?それから寝返りおめでとう!うちのすぺくんも最近ころんと寝返りうつようになったよ!まだ100発100中じゃないけど。

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