Wednesday 10 August 2005

+32W 3D 初落ち First fall!



Goldsworth Parkのベイビークリニックに、今後の担当になるコレットに会いに行った。アラタの体重は8.18Kgで、元々の体重曲線に戻った。先週軽すぎたのは、数週間前の突発性発疹のせいだろうか。離乳食を食べないことと、夜中の授乳に起きる多いことに関連があると言われて、納得。

After he found the way to roll over, Arata can't stop moving actively. Jason lowered his cot to prevent him from climbing over and fall. And.... Arata made his first fall this evening. Jason put Arata on our bed, and looking away for only 5 seconds. When Jason looked back, Arata was not on the bed. As Arata'd been crying for some time, Jason didn't realise he had fell. I was out for drink in the city and couldn't witness it.

We went to the baby clinic at Goldsworth Park to see Collet, my new health visitor. Arata weighed 8.18Kg. He was too light last week. It may have been caused by the 3 days fever he suffered a couple of weeks ago. Collet told me that eating little solids and waking up often during night have a strong link.

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