Thursday 18 August 2005

+33W 3D スリープクリニック Sleep clinic




I went to a meeting with a community nurse Mandy, whose specialty is sleep problem, and Colette, Arata's new health visitor. We are starting sleep routine programme from the long weekend. The main purpose is to teach babies to go to sleep by themselves without any our intervene like feeding or holding them. Once babies have learnt this, they can go back to sleep by themselves even during night when they wake up. This will reduce the amount of the milk intake and they will be more hungry during day to eat more solids. We should put them in cot while they are still awake for daytime naps and evening bed time. And let them cry till they fall asleep by themselves. Should not take them out from the cot, shouldn't have eye contacts, but go back to them every 5 minutes to check and stroke them. During night, we shouldn't give them any milk nor water. I have to keep diary of Arata's sleep routine and will have a review with Mandy next week.

Arata always holds his head when he hears big noise or just before start to cry.

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Anonymous said...

私達もジョーが6ヶ月のとき、いわゆるControl Cryっていうのやったよ!私は泣き声を聞くのが辛くって初日はキッチンにこもって大きい音声でラジオをかけながらなぜか掃除をしたっけ…。初日は1時間半泣いて、2日目は30分、そして3日目に10分になり、その後は見事にあきらめたのか一人で寝られるようになった。確かに夜中も泣いて起こされることがなくなった(きっと目が覚めても一人で寝られるようになっていたのかも)。ただ、日本に里帰りするたびに添い寝のくせがついてしまい、そのたびにまたあらためてやる羽目になったけど…。何はともあれGood luck!>