Friday 26 August 2005

+34W 4D 後追い Clingy baby - Separation anxiety




Since my parents went home, Arata has become very clingy. He starts to cry immediately when I go to another room. He screams and I can not even go to the toilet. When he sees me leave the room, it's too late. He is already crying. When I hold him, he tries to look for my breasts, which he's never done before.

Sudden clinginess happens around 8 months. When the baby was younger, he wouldn't notice. Out of sight, out of mind. But now, he is not sure if mummy will ever come back. It will continue until he has learnt that mummy always comes back. If I ignore baby's need to have me nearby, he may become more upset and be less able to play on his own. So, it's better to fit in our babys' need to be with us as we get on with what we need to do.

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