Friday 7 October 2005

+40W 4D アラタ日本上陸!Arata has landed in Japan!







Arrived in Japan. During 11 hour flight, there were 5 babies and families on board, including us, 4 families. Asami and Sachi had a seat in the same row with 2 blocked seats in between. Shinobu and Akira sat with 2 blocked seats towards a window, and we made this area as a temporary 'play area'.

It's been long since I flew on JAL, because usually they are more expensive than other airlines. But anyway, it was a really comfortable flight. Flight attendants were all friendly and helpful. I thought it won't be so difficult to fly on my own with Arata. After our children fell asleep, Shinobu and I had a nice cup of coffee and enjoyed the short peaceful moment. Surprisingly, it was really quick to arrive in Japan.

Arata enjoyed being in basinet. He seemed to think he was doing pee-ka-boo at first. I breastfed him while taking off and landing, and he didn't cry in both occasions from the sudden changes of air pressure.

At Heathrow airport, it was quite a sad farewell for daddies. (In this photo, all daddies except for Asami's.) They were all holding their babies until the last moment before we went into the departure gate. When we looked back for the last time, before we completely disappeared, they looked 'lost' with the space they had been holding their children still wide open.

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