Monday 23 January 2006

1Y0M 移行対象 Transitional object






Arata likes stroking his hair when he is feeding milk. When he tries to have a nap, he also touches his hair saying, 'Nenn Nenn Nenn....' Jason's mum, who is a child psychotherapist, thinks his hair may be a 'transitional object' for Arata.

At first, babies rely on mothers 100%. But gradually, they start to learn mothers and themselves are two different objects, in the process of finding their independence. During this period, children often have special objects such as a toy or blanket which gives them comfort.

Arata hasn't got a toy he must have when going to bed yet. But if his hair is a transitional object for him, what will happen when he has his hair cut?

This afternoon, Arata had his first settle-in session at nursery. We are asked to say 'bye bye' to let children know we are leaving but coming back later for them. Arata and I waved each other saying, 'Bye bye.' He seemed to have no problem. Does he really know the meaning of bye-bye?? Anyway, one hour later when I went back, a carer told me, 'he was absolutely fine.' Well, I also had a good time without small one!

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Anonymous said...

 移行対象っていうんだ。子供によってさまざまなんだろうね。マナは何なのかしら?? アラタ君、ナーサリーは大丈夫そうだね。うちはこの間預けたら ずっと寝ていたといわれた>