Friday 27 January 2006

1Y1M 卒乳 Weaning






Arata has weaned since the beginning of this year. I'd wanted to stop breastfeeding for a long time, to take medicine for my terrible migraine. But breastfeeding is so convenient, they can fall asleep easily when being fed, for example. In fact, the main reason I couldn't stop was because I felt myself sad....

I was thinking about stopping before going back to work. But after our holiday as I wanted to bereastfeed Arata while taking off and landing, to prevent him from feeling the changes of air pressure.

After arriving in New Zealand, I stopped producing much milk. Probably because of prolonged cold. Yet I gave him my breast from time to time, when Arata woke up crying in the middle of night or when my breast became sore from full of milk. And in one night, Arata woke up crying and I offered my breast as usual. But Arata refused my offer!!! It was the last attempt. One year old babies are said to have no long memories. Probably Arata does not even remember he used to be breastfed...

Arata had another settle-in session at nursery this afternoon. I was told he was crying most of the time. When I went back to pick him up, as soon as he found me, which was really quick because he had been looking at the direction of the door where I'd disappeared, he was really angry and crying...

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