Thursday 9 March 2006

1Y2M 回復 Recovering





I had a day off on Monday, Jason had one on Tuesday, to look after Arata. He thrown up at a cafe in Tesco on Monday but he was fine on Tuesday, and he had even some milk, he hadn't had it for a week. We took him to the nursery yesterday. It took a week for him to get better. Antibiotics didn't work,though. We think it wasn't any bacterial infection but some viral infection. I am so disappointed with NHS again....

Arata has stopped crying in the morning, when I drop him off at nursery, since last week. It took about a month, but he finally got used to it. When he started nursery and I started to go back to work, we had just come back from holiday to NZ. We must have been tired from over one month holiday and came back to very cold winter. Our everyday pattern changed, which caused great stress on us. These are the reasons we both fell ill, I reckon. It's still not perfect but I have been getting better, too. I have regained the work skills and rebuilt the concentration and pace in one month. It's rather better to work only 3 days a week. I can work more effectively.

It's been quite hard in the last one month. But I have to remember that whatever changes happen, they usually start to fit in or you get used to them after a month. On top of that, I feel Spring is around the corner. It was much warmer yesterday.


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