Friday 7 April 2006

1Y3M ハーネス Harness & rein






We leave Arata to eat by himself most of the time now. He makes really a mess but he doesn't like us to feed him any more. When we do, he often gets annoyed and throws away the spoon! Well, a good thing is Arata can now say, 'Tissue' and when he gets a piece, he can clean the table quite well. He was even helping Jason to clean the flat today. Arata must know his mummy is too lazy and he has to do it by now?

We were looking for a nice cafe for lunch and ended up in Farnborough. I was actually driving, as I need to practice, but it was still not comfortable for me. I still don't get used to roundabouts... When we were shopping in a shopping centre in Farnborough, we ran into Josie, Luke and Jeff! We don't usually go there, I was in Farnborough for the first time, and we met them. It's a really surprise! We went to a cafe for a coffee. At last, Jason met Jeff.

We tried a harness & rein, the hand-me-down from Toshi, on Arata. Well, when I first saw a toddler tied to a walking rein, more than 10 years ago in Bristol, I felt so sorry for the child. I even thought how mean the mother was, it could be a child abuse in Japan!! In fact, it is quite handy. Without it, Arata will walk to anywhere he wants and we must keep chasing after him.... In the second photo, Jason is holding the rein, which is attached to the harness Arata is wearing.


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 すごい、ティッシュでふいてくれるなんて アラタくんは
日々進化していて いいな。 マナはまったく 何もしないからな・・・  これってハーネスって名前なんだ。知らなかった。私もリュックつきのを買ったよ。 >

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