Saturday 24 June 2006

1Y5M ウォータールー近辺 Around Waterloo






Very nice day. We went to London to wander around Waterloo. It's changed a lot since I went there last time. There are lots of street performers and more eating places along the river Thames. I didn't realise before that there is a park with a play ground just under the London Eye.

We walked along the river hoping that Arata would fall asleep, and we could have a coffee peacefully. But the area was too exciting for him. We changed our plan and sat on the lawn with ice cream instead. Then we went to the London Aquarium. Arata was pointing fish with his eyes wide open, but he was also a bit frightened by big fish or sharks in the huge tanks. Probably a little bit older children can appreciate it more. I enjoyed it!

And... Arata didn't have a nap at all.

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